Oct 21, 2013

TQ seeks QTPOC poets based in Victoria (Australia!)


TQ is working on ‘Poem Portraits’ - portraits of queer and trans* people of colour with their poetic words, funded by an Arts Victoria grant. If you’re a QTPOC based in Victoria, Australia, please send poetry / spoken word and/or portrait idea (or poet recommendations) to TQ via tq {at} textaqueen.com for more information.

image: TextaQueen as “The Australian”, felt-tip markers on cotton paper, 50 x 38 inchesimage

Oct 17, 2013

katinka bock

Oct 11, 2013
Oct 9, 2013



Oct 9, 2013

O Superman - Laurie Anderson - as displayed in the MOMA, New York (by yellowgowild)

Sep 11, 2013


Nothing Really Mattress, SoHo, NYC

Sep 11, 2013


Nothing Really Mattress, SoHo, NYC

Sep 11, 2013

it’s the battle of lake erie bicentennial. this is albert einstein, a sovereign micronation located in love lake. radical today.

the tent is paul’s. we brought it all the way from chicago.

Aug 26, 2013


Paolo Čerić

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Aug 14, 2013


Double Exposures by Brandon C. Long

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Jul 26, 2013
Jul 25, 2013


Jarek Puczel

- Exit

- Lovers 3

- Together

- Romance 1

 acrylic and oil on canvas

Jul 25, 2013


#‎Throwback‬Thursday: In 1972 artist Gene Davis created a 414-foot-long painting at Eakins Oval that visitors fell in love with. Check out the new changes to the Oval on your next trip to ‪#‎PMAWednesday‬

Image: “Crossing the painted road which extends east from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Center City in the background, 09/1973,” from the series DOCUMERICA via U.S. National Archives. Photograph by Dick Swanson 

Jul 24, 2013


Handmade collages by Alex Coll

‘Sheep’s nightmare’

‘Find the origin through the fish’

‘Hidden trail’

‘Fertility dance’

‘Highway to Hell’

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Jul 23, 2013


My own Venus

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